How to reverse the order of the columns in rows when viewed in mobile?

Hi guys, I have a layout of 1 row 2 columns and inside the 1st column is a picture then the right side are texts and a button, then I put another row same as before but I reversed the columns so now it is text then the picture at the right side alternately. The problem now if viewed in mobile or smaller screens, when it becomes 1 column, the order now is text/picture/picture/text/text/picture, it should be text/picture/text/picture/text/picture. Please help how to achieve that. Thanks.

Re-order Columns

Go to the Options panel (upper right) You will see options for: Width Offset Vertical Align Order Margin Auto

Expand the Order option, select each column, and set it to the order at which you want it to display at a given screen size.

Hi Printninja, thanks but how can I make it change only for mobile? Now when I do it, it also affects for desktop view.

Quoting what Printninja said as I think you missed the key words there "expand" the Order option. That would be exactly where he said to go, and to expand it you hit the little arrow on the right side of the word Order and you'll see the options for each screen size.

Hi Jo, yes I really missed that part. Thanks! I will try again.

Reverse Columns

Mobile first approach, so set columns up how you want them in mobile and then alter columns in SM MD LG XL settings as required

Nice video Windy, thanks for doing that for them and I'm sure it will help others too.

Thought I'd also point out that you're doing a few extra clicks of the mouse than necessary, in case it would save you time and effort of course. You can use the enter key of your keyboard to apply your text edits when you're done. You can also just double click in the text block to activate the edit status of a text block or other types of blocks too. These shortcuts help you not have to reach up to the top menu to do these things and makes it easier to manage text editing. Hope that helps :)

No worries Jo

Every little helps :-)

Thanks to all of you. This forum is very helpful because of you guys.

You're welcome. We were all where you were at one point. That's why we help. ;-)