How to set up contact form

How to set up contact form Please, I need to configure "Contact Form v2 (Modal & Full) with Google Map" TO SEND E-MAIL. I can not, someone could help me, please. Where do I include my email and password.

This is not an email program where you login to send/receive emails with. I built that Component, that's a part I don't do because it's not something I have any experience in setting up. And everyone has something different when it comes to web server configs for handling form submissions.

As far as I can say, you need a web server where your contact form will reside (when you export your project). And you need to change the Action attribute to the URL that your web server uses to handle form submissions. Whether that is in the form of a deliver script or PHP code, something you'll need to get from your web servers web host provider. You'll probably need to contact them on what to use.

I know others in here might have other ideas on what you can try as well.


Dear Saj,

I want to thank you for your support. I managed to resolve. Thank you so much. I would like to take advantage of it and ask for another help. In the source code generator by Bootstrap Studio in the browser is displaying my email and my data. You can hide this information so it is not displayed.



form action = "" method = "post" id = "contactForm"> <input class = "form-control" type = "hidden" "<input class =" form-control "type =" hidden "name =" recipient "value =" "> <input class = "form-control" type = "hidden" name = "subject" value = "My Title">

I'm not sure, but if your web server has a default send all form submissions to this email address [X] configuration then you can probably remove the hidden input that exposes your "TO or recipient or whatever you use" email address. I'd think for any hidden input you don't want just delete. Just make sure that those that you do want, your web server form submission configuration has something by default for whatever you're deleting.

I'm glad you got it working though :)


Can you please tell me you how you configured “Contact Form v2 (Modal & Full) with Google Map” TO SEND E-MAIL?

Where does one place the sendto email?

Thanks, Charley

@charleyhankins, I'm sorry but there's only so much I can help with that part as I don't work with that part of the process. It is the process that is left out of the form because everyone does something different to handle form submissions. You will need to contact your website host to find out what you need to do to allow the form to communicate with the web host's webserver. That usually involves a URL to use in the ACTION field which is different for nearly everyone. And whether or not you need to specify a specific hidden input with the email address of the person that is going to receive the email.

I have already provided in the component the following hidden input that you just need to select in the HTML pane (bottom/middle/left) and then set the value field in the Options pane (top/right) to whatever email address you want the email to send to, if that is what your web host needs.

< input class="form-control" type="hidden" name="to" value="" />