How To Share eCommerce Site with Reflow To Client

Hi, i just curious about how to share access of Reflow to my client. The goal is they can manage their store by their self. As far as i know, the reflow account is connected to my boostrap studio email account, so i have no idea how to share the access for real production.

I hope you get my question point, thanks before.

This is not the right tool for your project :slight_smile:
Especially if you wanna use Bootstrap features.
You would have to read the api documentation and eventually make a special project from scratch. This tool never ever been designed to work like that. You could try to make a tool for adding products throu reflow api, but I don’t know if the api supports it, so if not you would have to do alot of tricky stuff by using javascript also its not a good idea to allow your clients adding freely products to the e-commerce, theres alot of risks of the client putting illegal stuff or something and you would be the victim in the end.

What I would suggest if you know javascript well (but I don’t rhink that you do) is making a web app with simple backend that would allow your clients to login throu special authentication and give them a panel which would allow them to control their own e-commerce websites and you would have to accept the product that the client wants to add to their e-commerce website, but i have no idea of the integrity and api limitations of this new e-commerce tool since I don’t really use Bootstrap anymore, but its too much work honestly. Maybe the devs will expand the features of this feature in the future, but this e-commerce feature wasnt designed to work like that. You will have to just keep adding the products manually i guess, but maybe someone here will have a solution for you, but I don’t really think so, but good luck buddy!

Simply create a reflow account using an email account both you and your client can use, something like

This way you can use the same login as the client enabling you to set up the design etc. and the client can login to add products.


Thanks for answers, sometime i create the complex backend for my client. I open this question, just because I curious about the bss e-commerce feature, will be great if the feature can save my time :")

I don’t know it’s possible. I think Reflow account is linked to my BSS account so i have to use my BSS account to use Refloe e-Commerce feature that come with BSS.
Btw, thanks for answer.

I checked what Richards suggest, and yes it’s possible!
Just need edit the store ID after export the project and the clients can use their account to manage their store by their self. I think, it’s more than enough to help small business or something like that.

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Thats great then goodluck. I had no idea about it cause Ive stopped using BSS before this e-commerce thing happened and i have 3 years of experience using BSS, but nowdays Im making web apps fully in react :stuck_out_tongue:

Have fun mate.

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Thank you, I had no idea about how this could be done either.

You’re welcome @JeFawk.
I also do some tricky step for order a product, since Reflow not support my local currency yet, haha.