How to Share Files with Clients?


What would be the best method to share files with clients?

Wordpress enables you to give users access to their site for free by simply adding them as a user.

How would i go through a similar process using bootstrap studio 4?

You have managed to say a lot and nothing at the same time... sorry. No real intentions of being blunt, however...

I have no idea idea what kind of access you are giving your clients, and for what purpose.

BSS is not a CMS. Are you looking for CMS capabilities?

Since you seem to know a little about WP (and quite possibly a whole lot), why not simply use BSS to create the HTML and CSS files and manually post them into WP.

I'm sure the Goog can help, and there might be a plugin or two if that's even necessary.

I would say, "Stick with what you know, and don't muddy the waters". :)

Also, Pinegrow was selling a one-off software package that will take BSS as input and convert it into WP Themes.

This last post may be a little bit off-topic, but no harm in covering the bases as they say!

This is not something the BSS devs have on their plate for future development, so I have no problem posting this link:

Since I didn't see the OP actually asking how to share it with Wordpress, but giving WP as an example of how thing can be done I'll venture to say that you have 2 options to share files with your clients. First would be to tell them to get a copy of the BSS software and give the client the project file and let them take it from there.

Second you would zip up the directory of the website with all the files placed where they need to be to make the site work correctly, and you would send them that zipped file.

Neither of these options allows for team work on anything, only the ability to give your clients their files when you've completed your work.

BSS creates static HTML websites than can be hosted everywhere without the need for a CMS layer. With a well written, highly readable, clean code.

Just zip the files and give your finished job to your customers. And keep the project files, notes, full-res images, illustrator files, and the .bsdegning to you so that you'll be able to quickly modify the website, should the user ask you to do that.

You're selling the HTML website usually. Just the finished result. The one that the user can publish to his webhost. With minimized CSS files.

That's all I'm giving away. And the end-user can modify it with notepad (whatever editor he likes) or ask me to do that. It's your job to sell support packages, annual revisions, etc.

Since i've been asked more than a few times to offer an easy Wordpress-like solution, I bought the excellent Pinegrow Theme Converter so now I also sell the Wordpress version (at an additional price) for my works. Including a more expensive hosting. Even when the customer doesn't buy it, it makes sense to have multiple options (just the HTML manually manageable via notepad, periodic revisions, a Wordpress version etc). Creating the website is just part of a relation with your customer, then you have to support him thru the years.


Just my personal opinion, but running a web business for 10+ years, my advice is give the client as little access/control over their site as possible UNLESS you want to just hand them a turn-key website and leave any future changes up to them. All my websites are sold as different tiered "monthly plans", and we do maintenance/updates as part of their package.

Giving a client access to their own site is usually a perfect recipe for disaster.

Just my 2 cents.

Thank you @ everyone.

I will be using pinegrow as well as simply just handing over zipped files.


I have found that if you charge for everything and don't do anything for 'free', that the customer will not expect you to do anything for free (as long as all possible 'free' items are associated with a cost in your itemized offerings/services). Best wishes!

What Pervasive said lol.

Other than that, I make it very clear what the client will need to have knowledge of in order to take over their website on their own. I also make it very clear that my rates are higher per hour than my normal maintenance fees, for "fixing their mess" if they break their site. Most people just hire me to continue editing their sites after they are completed, but the site is their site not mine, so they can take it over at any time they choose to as long as they understand the repercussions and the knowledge needed to do so.

Basically I keep it as a Me or Them thing, it's never a dual editing process. Either I edit it, or I don't edit it at all. Keeps it simple :)