How to show Text Input in an Paragraph


I have a Bootstrap Studio project where the user types in an Form/Text Input field.
Than hi clicks on an Button that has an Modal as target.
I need to show a text in Modal Body Paragraph that includes the content he has typed in.
Example: “You typed ‘Xxxxxxxxxxx’. Is that correct?”

I tried it with CUSTOM CODE, using Name and Id Attributes, without success.

Any suggestions?

Thanks in advance.


Read this first

then do it like this

Hi kuligaposten.
Thanks for your answer, but I had tried this without success because it is was not treated as an script (< character from was changed to <).

Now I found the solution, substituting the entire Paragraph by “Custom Code”.

The custom code (in place of the paragraph) looks like this::

    You typed 
    . Is that correct?