How to simulate embedded Javascript?

I have a form which needs some Javascript, as in the image below (original non-BSS HTML file, which has the form/script working):

I tried putting the Javascript in a BSS JS file but the form doesn’t work. When I manually (outside of BSS) added the script into the BSS generated HTML file, it worked fine, so I seem to just not have it set up correctly.

How should this be done? Thank you, appreciate any help.

Two mistakes…

Your JS file should contain nothing but the JavaScript code. No <script> </script> tags. When BSS creates the HTML, it adds the opening and closing script tags before and after the JavaScript.

The two last lines shouldn’t be in the JS file either. There’s no need to call the bootstrap.min.js as that’s done by the program. JQuery is included in Bootstrap 4 by default, but if you’re building your site in Bootstrap 5 and you want to use JQuery, you have to add it manually through the Bootstrap Settings.

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It’s working! Thank you very much indeed.