How to store other file types?


I'm trying to set a Worker to record audio in ogg, but it's impossible to import it to the root folder (since BootstrapStudio doesn't take it) and I can't upload it to my server, because I'm having problems creating the worker from a external origin (even though using --allow-file-access-from-files).

It would be really useful to access to the public root folder to copy those files, or BootstrapStudio to import them. Do you know any other workaround?

Thanks in advance.

I have a lot of things I have to work around for this, mostly PDF's and some files for galleries. The only way I've found that this will work is to upload the files you need to reference to the location they will be when the project is finished. (I say this because I use test servers before a site is completed and then move it to it's new permanent server location.). Then you will need to use absolute links for the items you need to reference. This way it will work within the program, in the preview window and also upon completion without having to change any files.

P.S. I too have posted suggestions and ideas on this issue as well as so many things need to be referenced outside of Bootstrap. I'm hoping to get something that will allow us to set a local directory for each project so that files can be read from it as well as from BSS and treated as if it were all in the same place.