How to update custom components

I often create custom components, sometimes I want to modify them, but only generate new custom components. I want to know how to update a component that has already been created instead of recreating it. I also encountered the same problem when sharing components, causing me to delete the published share after updating the component.

----Sorry, I don't know English, the above translation from Google.

Thank you

you can't at the moment.

Custom components do not work that way. They are not meant to reflect the current design of your website, they are there to give you a starting point. Linked components is what you are looking for.

No he's talking about Custom Components, but I can see why you would think it might be Linked components :)

Right now the only thing you can do is add the old component to your project from your library, update it how you want it to be edited and then resave it as a "new" component in your library. Then you can delete the old one if needed.

Pretty much the same for the shared online components, you can't edit or delete them from what I've been able to tell. Best suggestion I could give would be to version number them so people will be able to see that there is a newer version of it available when they search for them. Not the best way to do it, but for now its probably the only way you can do it.

Hopefully they will give some kind of editing and updating capabilities to the shared online ones at least. For the others, it's pretty easy to just add the component, edit then save as a new one and get rid of the old one. That essentially updates it in a round about way. :)

Jo, you said what I want to express, thank you very much. I think if they can join the git management function, it really helps a lot.

—-Sorry, I don’t know English, the above translation from Google.

Thank you