How to use a database in bootstrap studio

Hey, im new to bootstrap studio and editing websites in general. I want to develop a dynamic website with a database hosted on bootstrap studio, but i have no idea where to start. Pls help!

Thanks for the help in advance!

you bought (if you don't have a free student license) the wrong tool for the job.

And this is not the forum location to ask for help, this area is for posting ideas and suggestions.

Bootstrap Studio is front-end software for building static websites. Dynamic, database-driven websites require back-end programming. You need PHP and MySQL to do this. Start doing research with Google.

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He said he's new, so what he wants is very understandable. I have been programming in Delphi for windows for many years. I do not have the time or aptitude for coding line by line. Surely a MySQL connection "widget" would really make bootstrap studio an even greater tool than it already is. Delphi made a fortune helping millions of amateur programmers produce some excellent work. Bootstrap Studio is doing the same. Coders might be afraid of the competition of course. No need to be so unfriendly. It's progress!


PHP is not something that will be included in this app. We have been told so many times by the Devs, so as others have already said above, this is the wrong tool for that type of job. It's not a matter of "this would make it so much better", it's a matter of "we have already been told no". And no offense meant at all, but truly a simple search on the forums would have gotten that information probably within the first 10 posts or so of results.

Look into Pinegrow software to develop a Wordpress site using Bootstrap for the front end, or possibly Wappler (I've never used it.) Here's another option...

Why do you think Dreamweaver is expensive and have many many customers, because can do that, depends on you. If you you don't want new customers I understand.

Dreamweaver can't even come close to what this tool can do for building. Dreamweaver's visual area is almost a joke and definitely not for a novice user in any way. It's so messy in its visual builder that it's almost impossible to use, and it doesn't come default with all the modules for drag and drop. Instead, after you spend over $100 a year to "rent" it, you still have to pay extra for the plug-ins to give it more building blocks. Even after all that cash paid it still can't touch the versatility of this app feature by feature.

Yes, there are a lot of things needed yet to really round the app off, but it's one of the best builders out there, and trust me, I've tried a lot of them in my efforts to get away from Dreamweaver. Around 4 years later and still going strong with BSS!

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In terms of value for money I don't think I've ever come across a program -- of any type, but especially for a website builder -- that can come close to what this program can do, and yes, it cannot do some things, but it continues to improve. For comparison just take a look at the massive increase in prices for Mobirise -- and how much resentment it's building up -- amongst even its most devoted followers! Yet read some of the comments and you'll see it's ridden with bugs, leftover from much earlier versions of the program. There is definitely a price to be paid for developing good programs -- and a small development team, for BSS, can devote all of their energies and type towards addressing a much smaller set of objectives -- and that's exactly what's happening with this program.

I'm happy with that.