How to use another mail server?

I don't really know how to setup another mail server or if it's even possible. But to have something else send an email with something such as "We will be back with you in a minute" for example without the Sent from bootstrap studio

I don't know your answer, but wanted to add another reason that this is important.

People that send forms to their clients do not in any way want their clients to know what software they use to build their websites. It's a selective thing, the better software gets, the easier it is to make websites (whether this software or any other) and some clients could be lost due to the fact that they see how inexpensive the software is and decide to try it themselves.

I never tell my clients what software I use unless they are planning to take it over themselves, and even then I don't divulge this information until the site is complete and I'm handing it over to them.

Just thought I'd give another scenario where the "Sent from Bootstrap Studio" message is not good for those of us using your software. (I don't use the mail service, but I wouldn't use it due to that particular situation either).

Just my ten cents as usual :)

I’m sure the reason the message is there, is because your are using code that was produced by the Bootstrap studio team and it’s a way of advertising their product.

Easiest way to get around this is to create your own form that has the required functions to send an email. This will require js and some php (which you will need to edit outside of this app)

That’s how I manage my “contact/send forms” and there are plenty of examples with a google search thanks to sites like codepen etc

Thanks for the feedback! We removed the "Sent from Bootstrap Studio" line. What we can't change though is the email address that the emails are sent from.

In the past it was possible to add the form submitter's name and email address as the "From" header, but these days due to all antispam measures email providers employ, this can't be changed.