How to use npm with bootstrap studio?

I need to do these things to get started with my project:
npm init
npm i moralis express
npm start

How can I do this in bootstrap studio since bootstrap studio doesn’t have terminal?

I have also tried using jsdelivr to install moralis and express:

And I added the package.json file manually to JavaScript folder since I can’t do npm init.

When I run with play button it doesn’t work. Also after exporting and typing npm start it doesn’t work.

I am afraid that Bootstrap Studio is not designed to edit server-side node projects. It is a front end tool that deals with the HTML, CSS and front-end JS of your website. The standard workflow is to design your interface in Bootstrap Studio, export it, and continue writing the backend in Visual Studio Code or another editor.


I’m writing the server(express) just casually in vsc and building the front in bss, and all works perfectly i can load templates from the backend to bss frontend in the preview.

Bss is designed mainly for frontend, its not an ide for a fullstack or sum, so ye…

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How can you load templates from the backend to bss frontend in the preview?

BSS folder structure forces you to have this weird folder system and you can’t add new folders. So how do I then add the Modules?

I think we kinda mistunderstood each other… I’m making a new express project normally in new folder somewhere on my disk by using vsc’s terminal. I’m making templates by using pug. My communication with the backend from the frontend in bss happens by using htmx attributes and by that i can use my backend on the frontend and by the “preview” ive meant the live preview in the browser…not inside bss cause it wouldn’t even make sense at all. I have no idea what do you mean…

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