How to Use Sidebar from SB Admin in other Designs?

Is it possible to use the Sidebar from SB Admin in another template? I tried to add it to my Library and then load it in a new Design but this doesn’t work. It won’t load all of the design elements. I attached some pictures.

Thanks for any help in advance.

When you create a library component, you need to be sure you are including all of the supporting files which it’s obvious it didn’t do. Try it again and see if you can look through the files and check those that go with it. In this case it looks like it’s missing CSS files for sure, not sure what else.

Other than that, when done correctly, the app can take any part of a website and copy it to another one. You can do this between 2 open website projects as well to copy and paste, then just copy all the supporting files over as well. Basic copy and paste here, but you need to usually do the right click and choose from there rather than the ctrl+c/v as many times the key combo won’t work for this.

I think I did what you mean but it still doesn’t work.

I really can’t think of any problem why this doesn’t work.


try this Paul

Thanks that works great. How did you do that? Because I would like to also use other elements of that template.

You can use them all just copy from the overview panel and paste in your new design

Thank you so much. It’s working now. I don’t know why it didn’t work before. Thanks.

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