How to use the Facebook Like Button Component

Hi all, stupid question but need some advice. I was looking at the Facebook like button that have been added under the Social components. I change the URL from to the Facebook post I want the button to like it, but when I do this the button disappear. I guess I am missing something but I can't see what. I look at a code generator that generate the code, but I can't see how the component in BSS works.

Any help is appreciated as I feel stupid on something probably so simple lol. Thanks.


I know that the fb-like button has been in the news lately... other than that I don't have a fb-account by choice, so I am unable to help.

It's quite possible that fb has changed something as well.

I see nothing online that fb has changed anything, however, what I did find out is interesting:

Facebook’s Like buttons transfer personal data automatically, when a webpage loads — without the user even needing to interact with the plug-in — which means if websites are relying on visitors’ ‘consenting’ to their data being shared with Facebook they will likely need to change how the plug-in functions to ensure no data is sent to Facebook prior to visitors being asked if they want their browsing to be tracked by the adtech giant.

I hope you are able to resolve your code issues.

According to the BSS fb-like button pop-up, all of the controls and settings (url, layout and more) are available through the sidebar, which you have already discovered.

BSS generates an iframe. The iframe should probably include/reference the button (to be pushed).

If you goog how to: "add fb-like button to my website", that should answer your question.

The FB like button is for liking websites, not individual Facebook posts. What is the URL you are trying to use?