How to vertically align contents of Jumbotron?

How do you vertically align contents (i.e. div, paragraphs, heading, etc) of a Jumbotron in Bootstrap Studio? Jumbotrons' flexbox options seems to be not working.

I know your pain, it seems that everything involving vertically aligning things is just plain counter intuitive. Every CSS snippet that has the words vertical and align I tried didn't do a thing.

Here ya go.

display: table-cell;

Put that on the div or what ever that contains your heading/paragraph/etc...

@LittleRain you can download a design with a working vertical align here:

BSS fully supports display: flex so that an inside div can be vertically centered just setting its "margin auto" all. No fancy css editing involved, all using BSS panel. But don't trust my words, download the .bssdesign I shared

It all boils down to having outside container set to flex and an internal smaller container with margins: auto. And it's all fully supported in BSS interface.