How сut to the root bootstrap???

I hate bootstrap! How do I remove it from the default styles? I want to work with another css framework. I want start a clean project! How to be? And i want latest version jQuery but no v1.11.3 !!!

Lol you don't silly, this is made for Bootstrap Framework. If you want to use something else you'll need to use a different builder. You can take the files out on export, but not during production in Bootstrap Studio. It's not meant to use other frameworks. They "may" look into this in the future, but right now it's only about Bootstrap.

As for jQuery, version 1.11.3 is not included in BSS anymore, hasn't been for quite some time. Sounds like maybe you never updated your software. Updates are automatic so if you don't have a purchased version you'll need to do a purchased version to get the latest jQuery versions included.

Either way though, you'll not be using BSS for other frameworks, after all it is named "Bootstrap" Studio :P