howto download premium templates

i buy Bootstrap Studio Lifetime but I do not know how to download premium templates

The templates are part of the app already. When you start a new project, it looks like there are only 2 of them there at this time, but click on one and hit the "Customize" button and you will see there are numbers pages to choose from. The "Clean Sky" template has quite a few more than the other one does. Choose the pages and then edit them to your liking. I think more are coming for that feature yet.

There are also CSS themes which you can choose at the start of your projects.

Create a project, open the settings for the project (click settings at the top) and you will see the Theme dropdown under the Bootstrap Version box. From there you can choose from over a dozen themes to start your project off with that will give you different colors and styles for lots of the elements. You can see them here:

Use the "Themes" dropdown on the site above to choose the themes to view them. Hope that helps!

I have just bought Bootstrap Studio. Very nice app! Has anyone found where you can buy editable Bootstrap Studio templates? I have seen the two that are packaged with the software.

Thank you.

im thinking of creating website for downloading bootstrap studio template that i made for free. Donate to my paypal is enough i think. How does it sound?

It all is very misleading. there are only 2 so called premium templates. it is so misleading it's almost a lie!!!

@Baudwalker if you've been promised more than the 2 premium templates you got just ask for a refund, or don't renew your annual license. BSS is a terrific app that does many things. Focusing on a small part and calling the developer a liar is not a great behavior. Every app has its limits. Most people here don't care about premade templates. You can easily speed up your website prototyping and development (provided you know bootstrap and html/css/js) with BSS. But this is not a point-and-click tool, so no reason to duplicate wix functionality and wasting developers time in building templates. There are many more important things many pros need, like multimonitor support. Additionally, I see no reason to resurrect a dead topic.

Has anyone found where you can buy editable Bootstrap Studio templates?

I do not know of anywhere to buy Bootstrap Studio templates. But it might be a hidden blessing... it's nice to not look like everyone else.

The themes also help a good deal, as Jo has suggested above.

AS an 'Un-Advertised' bonus, you get online custom components and they are quality rated. You move them down to your app, save them, and use them in any project.

It has also been said that all v3 themes can be converted to v4 themes with some limitations. I have not tried to do this.

If you need help with something, ask. There are helpful, knowledgeable people who are very active on this forum.

The best features of the app are the free css/javascript editor, an active development team, and last but most important (imo) is a bug-free app.

The devs are very good at what they do and very focused at only including what makes sense. I believe that (with time) you will all gain an appreciation for your purchase and what you really have before you.

There are no 'additional cost-and-fee nickel/dime' gotchas. :)

BSS is a bad choice for someone looking to build websites based off templates. It's really not that kind of program. Someone looking to build off of templates might be better off with a program like Mobirise, or an online builder like Wix or Weebly.

Hi ! You say: just ask for a refund.

It's a nice app you have, but I did thougth it comes with all the premium templates in .bsdesign extension. But no... so I did want to ask for a refund, and thanks anyway.

How can I do what you suggested ?

Contact the company, the forums are not the main support venue.

Also, the website does not say it comes with all the premium templates. It says it comes with a number of them and it does. Just thought I'd clarify that.

Just for the record, you can easily import any HTML website / pre-designed page. Once it has been imported, you can easily edit it or add more elements etc.

You can search google for free bootstrap templates. I needed one for a blog page. I found over 100 free templates. Imported them into BSS and changed it to my liking.

Powerful tool.

But as mentioned by Printninja - if you want premium themes, go to something else or why dont you use wordpress?

@Jung Tech: I don't know you and haven't seen you before on the forums, but your information is not correct at all. You cannot add more elements via drag and drop "Ever" to an imported HTML page, nor any other custom code block. Please don't steer people wrong and make more people buy this app that will expect to do that any more than the website already misleads on that topic.

To make sure this is extremely clear:

Yes, you can easily "import" any html website or predesigned page. No, you "CANNOT" easily "edit" the site if you do not have Coding capabilities which you will need 100% of. Editing cannot be done with drag and drop capabilities in custom code blocks or pages, nor do the panels for Options and Look and Feel work with HTML pages that are imported. You will need to manually edit all code via Custom Code boxes. Pretty much makes this tool useless if you're doing that, may as well use any coding text editor instead as it will be faster that way then in this app.

You CAN however, reconstruct your website from scratch using BSS (which will probably end up cleaner and nicer in the end), and have it fully customizable with drag and drop and lots of bells and whistles. I use this for all my production sites and it has not failed me yet.

To Reiterate ... NO you do not want to use this tool to "import" a full website as it will not be as easy to edit as it would in a text editor.

NOTE: You CAN however, import the CSS, JS and IMAGE files of any template and have half the battle done there. Then you can easily reconstruct just the HTML without having to write all the CSS, just connect it in the app and you're on your way to a full reconstruction. Importing CSS and JS and Images from a predesigned site or template will speed things up and will not hinder the editing capabilities of BSS.

Mine has 13 premium templates built in. Just pressed "New Design" and they are all there.

And by the way, this is fantastic software. Thank you for making it.