Howto trick the audio automatic kill play


I want to make a alarme page who play automatic my alarm mp3?
So far i read is every mobile device automatic play blokked,

How to overrule this?


You don’t, there’s a good reason why mobile device browsers block auto sounds. No one wants to hear some loud alarm noise, movie, ad, etc. while they search the web for things in class, doctor’s offices and so on. Be polite, make it work with full screen devices and be satisfied.

Thanks for your reply Jo-r m

But, my page is member only and the loved the sound of my alarm.mp3 so please stick to my question, thanks in forhand! :grinning:

I did stick to the question :stuck_out_tongue:

Seriously though, it’s done by the browsers not something that can be overridden unless someone has some hacking code to do so and this would not be the forum to look for something like that. You might try doing a search for it and see if you can find something on it that way, check Stack Social and see if they have anything on it too.

If your page is member only, then you can put up instructions on how your members can change the settings in specific browsers to allow autoplay of media with sound on your website.

For example, in Chrome you would go to Settings > Privacy and security > Content > Sound and then scroll down to the bottom where there is a button that says “Add” that allows you to add websites that will be allowed to play sounds.

There are are similar settings in Firefox. Not sure about Safari, because I don’t use Apple.

Thnx for the tip, i chall visit Stack,

Thanks to U2, now i can further with it, :grinning: