HTML audio Player component

the audio component fits fine on lg, md & sm view but it grows out of proportion when viewed on small devices. Any idea how to fix this? or maybe BSS Developers can just create an audio component in this case? [mobile view] [desktop view]

Hello Coded,

What you are seeing here is the HTML5 audio player. What you want to do is to build it with Bootstrap.

Have a look here:

I'm going to need it soon so I'll post the project here, but in the meantime you can try on your own using the link provided.

Don't hesitate if you need advice on doing it.


thank you @masmel

Hello Coded,

here is a test:

tell me if it works as it seams really lightweight.

I've made an audio player in BSS with mobile support. I'm actually going to make a really simple class for handling medias like audio and video with custom controls inside BSS with only attributes to modify in one Custom Code. The version provided here is a quick hack but it is a bit useless as you can only add one per page. So I'll build a class .

Hello, does anyone know how to get audio to play using the audio component in bootstrap studio? I'm able to drag it into a project and see the audio player but whenever I add a audio source i can't seem to get it to play. Any help would be greatly appreciated