HTML Editor & CMS Support

I hope it’s okay to make two requests in one - & that they have not been requested before? I apologise if so:
a) I would like an integral HTML editor which can parse edited code back to the BS site, if that’s possible.
b) Could there possibly be support for CMS sites? It is possible this is already a feature which I have not yet found. Just thinking ahead!

a. It’s on progress What’s coming in 6.2
b. By default BSS doesn’t include cms, you need other third party for that, but it’s possible, i also did that :")

Thank you for your heads-up.
a) Yes, I saw that coming parsing-back HTML function. It’s not quite what I envisaged, but nonetheless welcome.
b) I’m not sure, but I think I saw a CMS template, although I don’t tend to use templates. I would love to know how you achieved yours.

Personally, i use strapi to maintain the content from static html, here are some sites that i build in BSS and use Strapi behind as CMS

Sometimes i also use Google Sheets as CMS :")

Thank you so much! I will investigate & experiment.

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