HTML file without HTML/HEAD

My requirement is to upload an HTML file with a single line of code. No HTML/HEAD tags. Just that single verification line (for Google Search verification).

Naturally when importing HTML, BSS adds the code required from the internal editor as expected. Is there anyway to disallow this? Or have the ability to have a single custom code file that BSS does not touch?

Still a great product and can find another way around this. Just wanted to see.

Why not put the google search verification code in a meta tag ? That verification method is a acceptable option in their instructions.

Yep. Definitely an option but we went with the TXT option in the DNS entry in Cloudflare. Would be nice to be able to upload a pretty much empty file in BSS. Love the inexpensive hosting option for our customers and the studio is amazing.

Use an SFTP software like FileZilla or similar. Much quicker than trying to work out how to do that in BSS.8

Hmm scratch that if BSS’s hosting doesn’t allow SFTP, can’t remember if it does or not.

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That was my thought as well, but I’ve never used BSS’s free hosting, so I have no idea if they allow anonymous uploads to their server.

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Looked at that too and the knowledge base mentioned the SFTP was for hosting on your own servers. Fair enough. The BSS hosting is great and easy to publish to. Just waiting now to see if the site shows up on Google. It is on Bing.

Thanks for the help folks!

FYI - Google can take as long as 2-3 weeks to crawl your website. You can expedite this by submitting your website URLs to Google through the Google Search console (you will need to have or create a free Google account.)

Yep did that too. Actually submitted each URL for indexing as well since it was a small site. Nice tool Google has there. Will just keep an eye on it now.

2 weeks eh?

UP TO two weeks. I’ve had sites that were fully indexed in three days, and I’ve had sites that took over three weeks. Googlebot is a fickle thing.

googlebot is going a bit crazy for me at the moment, apparently the canonical link for is

I know they are doing some updates at the moment, so things will be slower than usual

Good to know. Might be because the parrot is dead. Or just sleeping :slight_smile: