HTML tag closures

This should be an easy one. The exported file from Bootstrap Studio feeds into my development projects where I use Thymeleaf which requires proper XML formats. This means that all tags have to be closed. Tags with no value, just add the / before the closing > (such as meta, input, and img tags). I have to go back through and close these every time I export. I don't like developing straight .html files and find Bootstrap studio is proving to be excellent for developing layouts. If the control of the export file structure can be added along with closing all html tags this could very well become my development environment for the front end. It is the most complete, reliable and easy to use front end layout manager I have tried. However, it is a time killer to have to go and massage the export to make it fit into my development environment. Also, love the fact I can use it on Linux as well.

Thank you for the suggestion!

Bootstrap Studio outputs code that validates as HTML 5 but we don't write it to be XML compatible. After a quick glance, Thymeleaf appears to support HTML5 and to convert it automatically. Is using this conversion an option for you?

Thymeleaf supports HTML5 but requires closure on all tags. It throws parsing exceptions when processing templates containing tags which are not closed. HTML, including 5, tags which have no data are not required to be closed. However, the parsing engine used by Thymeleaf is an XML compliant parser- hence the need to close all tags.