HTML <template> Element

I’ve been doing more and more dynamically generated content recently, and the element is an extremely powerful tool for it. At present though, I’m having to design the repeating element in a separate document then manually copying it into a element in the main document after exporting. This seems unnecessarily complicated for what should be a simple process.

Am I missing something obvious to make this simpler and, if not, why is there no support for the element?

Also, I apologise if this is a duplicate query; “template element” is understandably near impossible to search for, and the closest I could find were talking about using other libraries which I’m not trying to use.

You can find a discussion about this from a month ago here. For now Custom Code is the preferred way to add your template elements.

I see. Custom Code does let me move the copy-paste to before the export which is an improvement. It does still mean the design work needs to be done in a separate document to be able to actually make use of BSS for it though.