HTML Tree collapses on swapping between projects

Pretty much sums it up in the topic title.

I have 2 projects open right now and I expand a set of divs in the HTML so I can click a specific line of code to compare it to an older version of the same site. Open the older version's project and I open all the same divs in the HTML. Swap back to the other project and all the divs I just opened close back up. This happens back and forth continuously, they won't remain open.

Adding on to this, this is very frustrating because not only does it close all the divs you opened, but it also refocuses your selected div to the parent div of the area you were in so you can't even do a good comparison, because you can't keep the focus on the div or line you are trying to compare lol. Maddening I tell you! :P

Ok I need to add to this because I also narrowed it down to only happens in Custom Code elements. Seems the app can only focus on the main Custom Code's parent div?

Thank you for reporting this and narrowing it down! It will help a lot with fixing the problem. This issue is caused by the way Custom Code is treated in the app, but won't be difficult to fix. Will try to include a fix in version 2.5 which should be out very soon, or at least in 2.5.1.

Awesome, glad to hear it's not a difficult fix. Happy Holidays to you and everyone at Bootstrap Studio!