https not working on bootstrap studio

Hi, I just published my very first website with bootstrap studio however Google chrome states that it's not secure, how can I solve this issue? My website is I bought my domain on Godaddy and changed the CNAME to host: www ---- Do I need to purchase SSL?

I don't use Bootstrap Studio's free hosting, but my guess is that you would need to purchase an SSL certificate if you want https.

Unless you're collecting personal data, memberships, doing e-commerce, or storing sensitive information on your website, I wouldn't be too worried about not having SSL. For simple informational sites, blogs, etc, SSL doesn't really DO anything for you. I'm told there's a slight SEO boost, but I've yet to see it hurt any of my client's rankings.

if you go with Cloudflare, have your website hosted there -- where the free sites are -- see here

if it's not working, I'd have to say "follow up with Cloudflare" not BBStudio, as it's a direct service from Cloudflare, not BBS

Google has done a fair bit towards encouraging EVERYBODY to have their sites protected this way, not just the subset defined by PrintNinja

In the end you should probably contact support here directly rather than here on the forums as the users here really can't help you with domain/ssl issues. Sure wish they would put a specific forum up for the sites again so people could get more direct help there instead of their posts getting lost in the main forums.

Also @TeschToy the sites might be hosted using Cloudflare, but it is a direct BSS provided service so they should contact them rather than Cloudflare for issues.

I do agree there are definitely some crazy things Google pulls on us over the SSL certificates. For me it's a requirement of all my clients so that I don't have to deal with anything Google may pull on them now or in the future. Since I can get the Certs for $9 it's a pretty easy and cheap setup for them.

<h1>PrintNinja's was the only mention of SSL that I could find here, whereas on Cloudflare</h1>