I broke an Accordion: Items no longer expand when clicked (but do close if open)

Hi. I broke one of the Accordion components: when the items are clicked, they no longer open in the Preview. When I open them in Bootstrap though, I can still close them in the Preview, but not open them. What did I break? Thanks!

Not gonna get a whole lot of help without a link to see what it looks like.

Hi @Jo. You're right. In the meanwhile, I realized that I created the tabs containing the Accordion elements by copy/paste but forgot to change the Accordion ID in each of those copies... So essentially, whenever I clicked on an Accordion Item header button located in a Tab other Tab1, the corresponding Accordion Item in Tab1 would toggle... Stupid of me. Thanks for reacting though!

Haha looks around innocently I've never done that! Nope, not me :P lol Glad you got it worked out too. :)

Another example of where Bootstrap Studio could use REAL documentation, instead of it's Tutorials which have no info on Accordions.