I can`t rename a duplicate page

I duplicated a page and renamed it. I want to rename further duplicate pages but won`t let me ??

Cause you can't if i understood correctly your post. Anyways it would be stupid feature so, whatever.

Actually you should be able to rename your pages at any time as many times as you like, so yes, you can. Right click over the page and choose Rename, that's all there is to renaming any page or duplicate page. And it's not a stupid feature, it's a necessary feature Dicky, please don't post if all you have is negativity with incorrect information to give. :/

Agreed with Jo

I have tried renaming the page, i can change the name but as soon as I click off it, it returns to the original name ?? am I doing something wrong.

AH, I have just found the reason why. I had a page called cctv.html in capital letters and tried renaming another page to cctv.html in lowercase. I have just realised I can't have 2 pages of the same title even if one is in uppercase and one lowercase. I wanted to do this to group the pages but I am now renaming to CCTV, CCTV1, etc and that works fine. Thank you to everyone for their input even if it was sarcastic (DickyKreedz)

hehe glad you got it worked out, it's the little things that sometimes catch us off guard lol. Enjoy!

I'd recommend only using lower-case for anything web related.

i am only using lower case for web related content, this was purely for programming purposes to identify each page till complete, I duplicated a page and named it the same to identify 1st and 2nd page to view to see which was better.