I can't see my site only if I use WWW

Hello. I just uploaded my site using Booststrap Studio's free hosting, I'm currently using CloudFlare and all that but when I try to open my site using www it shows the BSS logo and says there's no site on that address (404).

As some people are used to typing www before the address I need to fix that ASAP.

the site is onagencia.com but if I type www.onagencia.com it doesn't work.

Thanks in advance for the help.

You need to set the DNS to both www and regular so they should be both www.yoursitename.com and yoursitename.com. Call your domain name provider, they should help setting the DNS

The DNS is set to both www and regular, but it still doesn't work.

Type: CNAME Name: mydomain.com Value: sites.bootstrapstudio.io TTL: Automatic

Type: CNAME Name: www Value: sites.bootstrapstudio.io TTL: Automatic

I never used that feature besides for some testing, but I guess you should register and publish to both hosts names within BSS (manage websites / add website). Or if you need a better, more professional solution upload to a regular hosting provider, where you can set 404s etc..

Got it.

My fear, though, is to lose the SmartForm. Does it work by putting it on my own hosting?

i have tried everything i think of but i still keep getting the BBS logo and th "We can't find this file. If you are the owner of this site, make sure that you are entering the correct path that Bootstrap Studio generates." message.

cloudflare is clearly pointing to BBS inorder for me to get that message but when i click verify domain on the publish website pop up i get the DNS record is not yet set error message.

could someone please help

I'd contact customer support on this.

Your website works for me, so?

Thank you, guys. This post is actually pretty old, and I got the site to work just fine. Still, thanks for the help.

@Asepulveda, I think they are talking to @derjor2 that posted on your thread yesterday.