I created a presentation page with display variation for my website

I accept suggestions and criticisms to improve this project.


Clicking the right arrow takes you to another template page.

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AFF, I’m trying to complete information and being blocked by the same content, so I put this text to just change it a little, lol.
Note, the display variations for the 3 screen types are only visible on desktop.

Hope this doesn’t come off as harsh, but a quick look reveals quite a large number of problems that need to be addressed…

  • There are layout issues and readability issues. The text in your home page slider is getting truncated and there are margin/padding issues at mobile screen size. You also can’t really read the gray text when the second image loads. I’d consider a fade between these images as opposed to an abrupt change.
  • The links to your own page are broken!
  • The ABC preschool logo is blurry at tablet and mobile sizes because it’s being enlarged beyond its native resolution by the CSS. I’d consider making this logo an SVG image to avoid such problems. There are other icons on the site that would probably be better as SVG images (ex. on the Contact page) because you’re shrinking 512px x 512px images down to 100px x 100px.
  • On the About Us page, the “back to top” pencil graphic has been enlarged for some reason, making it cover the phone number and email address in the footer.
  • The word “teacher” is misspelled in your navigation, and it’s spelled wrong in other places (“teach” instead of “teacher”)
  • phone numbers should be links so you can tap to dial on mobile devices.
  • Exposed plain-text email addresses invite spam. Emails should also be tappable to open email clients on mobile devices
  • There are numerous images with excessively large native resolutions (meet our staff, teacher images, icon images under kids activities, etc…) You’re reducing the sizes with CSS. This wastes bandwidth and slows down page load. They may just be temporary images, IDK?
  • Map link should open to Google maps (or some other map app.) Consider embedding an actual map on desktop site.
  • Why the link to template toaster website at the bottom?
  • Why are there no headings (h1, h2, etc…) on the pages???
  • Numerous issues with basic best practices - no canonical tag, title is not SEO-friendly, no page descriptions, no favicon, no sitemap, and so on…
  • On the second template, I question the odd placement of the “next” button on the slider
  • There are 404 errors on fonts that don’t seem to be loading (Chicken Pie, Playball) Not sure why.

Hope this helps.


Although all your points are valid, it’s not actually the layouts he is showcasing, but rather the ‘wrapper’ that is displaying them. Allowing the user to browse various templates and the ability to view them on different screen sizes

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Thanks for the remarks, the templates were generated by another program I have, pretty bad, but they’re just for testing the responsive display on the splash page.
Then I will create and place the definitive models.
Thanks again for the observation.
As for the broken links, I already know what happened, lol, I only uploaded part of the site, I’ll send it all again today, thanks.

I guess the way I interpreted the title of this topic was that the website displayed within website was his.

I’m Brazilian, I don’t know English, so I use Google Translate from Portuguese to English.
The big problem is that it translates the text, but it may not be able to produce the context faithfully.
This is my site, the link above is one of its sub pages, just the one I really wanted to share here and maybe get some tips on how to improve it, for example, I’m looking for a javascript to make the models change for a single display page, I’m currently using a display page for each of the website templates I’m going to offer my clients.
This is the home page of my website.