I have a question and would like the help of friends who have knowledge

Doing several tests, I realized that the less external resources I use, the faster the site loads, so my question is, if I insert all the page code in its own html, without using cdn or additional files, css, javascript , i.e. all these codes would be in the html, would that page load faster?

On one page maybe, but you would be loading the same css/javascript on every page, where using an external file (say styles.bss - in your asset folder) it would be in the cache for the other pages on your site.

It would also be a nightmare having everything inline, if you were to change the style of your h1, you would have to do this on every page.

I think your time saving on load would be milliseconds, and a waste of your time

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Thanks, forgot to mention that it would be for Onepage anyway.

You may find this resource to be helpful.


It can give you a good idea of how much time certain resources take to load, and what is slowing down your page. In most cases, images are the big offenders.

Hello @gilmar
I think keeping the files on same webserver/domain is foremost important, adding scripts/css inside the html page isn’t going to help much, because remember these are still tiny when it comes to file-sizes.
Images and other media may slow down performance.

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