I Know, but i need bootstrap 4. Please!

It's coming but you will have to wait, this has been covered many times ?

I'm eagerly waiting for it as well. :)


We're waiting for the first Bootstrap 4 betas to land, before integrating it. Hopefully this will happen in the next month or two.

How much of a change will bootstrap 4 be compared to version 3 in regards to Bootstrap Studio?

Will there be a big change in how Bootstrap Studio works?

Will the coding that Bootstrap Studio creates change and will websites built with the version 3 still work with version 4?

Since I'm re-creating our website from scratch presently, will this cause any problems when version 4 is released and incorporated into Bootstrap Studio?

Since I'm new to bootstrap, any info would be of help. Thanks.


take a look here for more info on BS4 https://v4-alpha.getbootstrap.com/

Martin has confirmed that our designs on BS3 will be fine and that BS3 will be supported.

Thanks Chris. It's good to know that what I'm doing now will still be good when version 4 comes out.

Serif, which made PagePlus, (which is no longer supported or updated) caused problems for everyone when an updated version did not support documents made with a previous version. Therefore, documents created more than ten years ago no longer load into the newest version. That is a real pain.

I get visions of this happening again when there is a major update and change in anyone's software. So, I am relieved when this won't happen here.

Yes, I'm happy now. Bootstrap 4 beta. Thank's.