I need to convert a WordPress site to bootstrap

One of my clients has two or three WordPress sites and due to the high cost of hosting he asked me if I can redo the sites in bootstrap to host for free. The sites have dozens of pages, categories and posts, is there an efficient way to convert all the content?

Not only is there no “efficient” way to do it, there’s really no way to do it PERIOD. You cannot convert a dynamic (database-driven) website into a static website (like the kind BSS produces) without losing all the database-dependent features. Wordpress blogs rely on mySQL databases and PHP, neither of which can exist on Bootstrap’s free hosting.

It would make more sense to just find a cheaper host. But be forewarned that cheaper hosting can often mean slower hosting, and WordPress is already a bloated platform that runs slow out of the box.


You should be able to find some wordpress plugins to convert to a static site.

You will probably not have a search function or any other functions that would rely on a database

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