I suggest you can refer to the elementor editor

WordPress's elementor editor is more powerful and easier to operate. It doesn't require code to implement many functions and effects, so I suggest you refer to this editor to make the operation easier, even without knowing CSS and Bootstrap

Go troll somewhere else loser.

The editor is just fine as it is unless they finally add the ability to edit the HTML directly which would be a very welcome addition. Otherwise, there's nothing wrong with the way the editor works. If you don't have the time or the inclination to learn to do a bit of code, then go use Wordpress if it's so great (I hate it myself) so you don't have to waste your time actually learning how to do something you should know how to do if you're planning to build websites. Pretty simple.

I think you're being too harsh on ydwzjw521.

I love Bootstrap Studio (BSS) for its standards compliant HTML and CSS (and other features), but I've worked with Elementor aswel which is the faster of the two. It's drag and drop like BSS, but users can adjust div sizes by dragging on the side of the div itself. This is a useful feature and I think the BSS team should consider it.

I understand Dan, but my comments are basically aimed at the "doesn't require code" situation as the last thing I want this app to do is become another Wix, Wordpress (without the CMS), and all the other "Any noob with 20 minutes can build a site without any knowledge at all" apps. I happen to love the ability to add code how I want it and I don't use most of the bells and whistles there are even now. When I need to add something to the CSS I type it in there, I hardly ever use the Look & Feel pane unless I'm trying to find out where some margin and/or padding is that I can't find. I love the options, ability to set the Flex settings etc., but I'm a coder at heart and this app is just a time saver for me. Just my opinion, but I really hate where a lot of the web apps end up like WIX and it's generic websites and limited control etc.

I do agree, there should be a lot more features in this app yet, not saying that his features aren't wrong, just his reasoning if he's a newb looking for an easy way to build a website type thing. If he's not and knows what he's doing already, great.