I upgraded my bootstrap 4.6 website to 5.2 now I have various issues

The website worked fine before the upgrade but some issues don’t make sense.

  1. When previewing the website the learn more button opens a link that is not attached to the button. Not sure where this is coming from or why I don’t see a reference to it.
  2. Various icons from Font Awesome 4 do not load in the Bootstrap Studio but do in the preview in Chrome? Even if I change them to another icon pack they do not load

issue 1

Issue 2
How it should look and how it displays in chrome

How it displays in Bootstrap Studio

Computer details
M1 Pro Macbook 16 inch on MacOS 13.3.1(a)
Google Chrome 113.0.5672.92
Bootstrap Studio 6.4.1
Bootstrap version 5.2
jQuery version 3.6.0

Thank you for any help!

I got the same issue no. 1.
Working with the same Version of BS

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Check to make sure that the issues you are seeing are not coming from any custom css code inline or in a custom css file. These items won’t update with the upgrader system, you will need to do those manually. Not sure if that’s the issue, just stating a suggestion that it may be.

I don’t see any issues with custom CSS, tried removing it just to test for functionality and the issue is still there. Thanks for the suggestion!

Is anyone else able to help with this or provide suggestions?

Can you upload your original 4.6 .bsdesign file to a cloud storage device like dropbox or Google drive so one of us can download it and open it? Then we can try converting it to 5.2 and perhaps see what’s causing your issues. Perhaps the developers could also do the same.

Yes it would help a lot if we can see the original bsdesign.

(removed BSS file link) Hope this helps

Turn off Stretch on your three social icon links

You could also get rid of your jquery as the site seems to run fine without it.

maybe remove the “js-scroll-trigger” from the links

Thank you for that suggestion! I have a question, how do I remove jQuery?

My icons still do not display correctly in BSS

You would need to go to your document settings and set jquery to none. Then delete your scripts in the design tab.

I’m not sure why your icons are not displaying, worked ok for me.

I have uploaded the converted file here if you need to use it.


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You forgot to add the javascript file. In the converted design the navbar isn’t working as it should. I don’t think OP know how to do it.

There are also empty href tags and style tags here and there

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Other then the navbar it looks ok to me. I can clean up the Href and Style tags.
On the original design in BS4.6 the no jquery wasnt an option see below.

Thank you all for your help!