I want to create h1 or paragraph in to list. How can I do that?

In Bootstrap studio ! I want to create under. But can't on bootstrap studio. please let me way to know how can I do that .

<h2>Body > list > list item >heading or paragraph.</h2>

  • <h1>test text aafdfa </h1>


  • *
  • <h1>test text aafdfa </h1>


  • Try doing the tutorials, that will teach you how to do these most basic parts of this app.

    You should never have more than H1 tag on a page, so creating a list of "H1's" would be bad practice and terrible for your SEO.

    You can't add <h> items or <p> items into the Bootstrap Studio List Component.

    If you want to have headings or paragraphs in a list, you'll have to use the custom code component and write it by hand (though I honestly can't imagine why someone would want to do this. Headings and paragraphs have specific semantic meanings which are both different from that of a list.)

    Use the Component List Group and you will be able to add headings and paragraphs.


    Interesting work-around, but I still can't understand why someone would want to put headings inside a list. I can see using a heading before a list, to describe what the list contains, but inside a list makes no sense to me.