Icon Upgrades

So I've been thinking about getting some icon upgrade packages because of the church sites I've all of a sudden gotten calls for. I'm about to start another one as I'm finishing up the one I've been working on and there's some packages in some of the icon systems (glyphicons comes to mind at the moment) that have some more appropriate icons that can be used for church sites that would be a lot nicer than having to find something "suitable" in the default ones.

So the question is... is there a way to incorporate icon upgrade packages into the app? I have to admit here that I haven't played with the icons all that much outside of BSS so I'm really not very familiar with how to set them up on a normal basis (can't be all that difficult I'm sure), but I would really like to be able to use them within the icon system rather than as a separate entity using custom code or the like. Is there a way to do that?

The BSS app already includes several font icons to choose from.

Included in the the bootstrap.css is the Glyphicons icons. <i class="glyphicon glyphicon-search"></i>

To reach the other 3 additional font icon sets you just drag the icon element to your page then in the Options pane double click on the star icon to popup the font icon selector window. You can change from Glyphicons to Font Awesome, Ionicons and Material Design Icons.

If you need some other set of font icons you'd have to include their CSS (external CSS link) in order to load that font icon set into your design and any other elements that it requires to show. Then you'd just reference any of the actual icons by using a CSS class that the font designer has laid out. It's usually some thing like font family then the desired font-family-icon-appearance i.e. class="fa fa-star" for Font Awesome's star icon.

You could even design your own font icons, that's just beyond me though.

If you're not going to use the included font icons sets you'd have to follow that developers method on how to use it etc... But, here is a link that you could use to see how that would normally be done. Unfortunately, they use Glyphicons as an example in their answers. http://stackoverflow.com/questions/19674271/how-to-implement-custom-icon-font-with-css


Yes I understand how to use the ones included, that's not a problem at all, and many of them are adequate for a basic site, but .... the Pro versions of them such as the Glyphicons where you can purchase the upgrade packages from them, include some that would be very nice to use (buildings, and more where there are more choices for icons that can be used for a church). I make due for now with what is included, but if it already has the Glyphicon system in the app, I am hoping there would be a way of giving us the ability to add the Pro version setup to the app as well. Not sure how it could be done, and having to use them as css is doable, but would be nicer if it were addable to the already included setup.

I would think it would work the same for both the basic set and the Pro sets? Not sure if that's true or not, but if it were and we had the information needed to add it, it would just be nice to have the ability to use it using the App's icons system rather than CSS.

Not a super necessity of course, just didn't know if it was already available to do this and if it then maybe just an idea/suggestion. :)