I'd Be Thrilled to be able to Create Borders on each Side

I've noticed we can create borders around elements, either 'normal' or slightly-rounded, however, unlike other options like margin and padding, we can't click a dropdown for borders and do a separate border for each of: top, right, bottom, and left. Top and bottom borders are used regularly to add style to a page and set out a section, but we can't do that in BSS without using 'custom code'.

Please, oh please, can you add this to the settings?

I've seen these borders you're talking about @17:24 in the Tesla video. http://youtu.be/deZ0C6oS2gw

You start with a border around everything and using CSS get rid of the sides of the border you don't want.

Definitely not as easy as Excel, but easily doable.

Okay, I just found a way that does allow us to use the built-in settings (without needing to create custom code). We can use the 'element-style' rule that is apparently created automatically and I've found it located above the rules from the Boostrap framework.

Once I clicked on the HTML Element I wanted to style, clicked within the 'element-style' CSS rule on the right-hand side (from the pop-up CSS), I simply entered in the Bootstrap framework 'class-name' for separate borders (in my case, border-bottom), then chose my style options. For example I did this: element-style { border-bottom: 2px solid green; }

For now, this will work just fine! Yay!

Since Bootstrap now has built in classes for adding borders, I really don’t see a need for adding buttons for it unless the devs are doing so for non web designers. You can easily add attributes to a class or create a class for adding them as well. This might also help to show the built in setup: https://getbootstrap.com/docs/4.3/utilities/borders/

Also, web design is not anything like using any text editors like word or excel. That is a very common misconception by people that have no idea how wesites are really created. If you fall into that category I would highly suggest you get some HTML/HTML5 and CSS/CSS3 tutorials under your belt. You will definitely need it and want it to use this app properly.

web design is not anything like using any text editors like word or excel. That is a very common misconception

Why, sure it is and has been for years... You might just be a Xara Web Designer! Or a programmer that uses TRichView. You can even use MS Word and OLE (object linking and embedding), not to mention AtoZ Webforms and Embarcadero Delphi.

Never say never. There are still people looking for BSS to take on Mobirise functionality. Or, how about Wix... and there are more I can list. There are plenty of wysiwyg website builders that don't require a lick of HTML, CSS, or Java... Just sayin'. ;)

I agree, hence why I suggest they get some knowledge of coding under their belts as BSS is not one of those ... as of yet and hopefully won't ever be.

Bootstraps border classes, IMO, fall short, because they lack a way to set border thicknesses and style. I wouldn't object to a visual tool to set border characteristics.

Yeah after thinking about some of these things, it probably would be good to be able to do a lot of the things like borders, text effects, etc. in the Look & See pane.

I still think that the easier faster way to do that is in the CSS editor. So devs should really add better CSS edit, like emmet support.

To be honest atm you can edit CSS in you fav external editor and then paste back to BSS. That should be made more obvious and easier. I have atom.io with all the additional packages I use, so for me, a smoother integration is all I need.

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It's easy enough to type in the CSS, but it would be nice if there were fields similar to the margin/padding fields that allowed you to type in border thickness and, radius diameters, and use the up-down arrows to drag the numbers up and down, so could actually change a border "on the fly" until you see what looks best for your project. This is pretty standard stuff in other website builders.

until you see what looks best for your project

In my sample, I used 3vw so the tool you propose should be able to work with more exotic dimensions (rem, em, vh etc). And offer also all default bootstrap classes, including multiple selections like my-md-2 + my-lg-3

I think that's overcomplicating the interface. And there are more urgent things I'd love to see developed first. Like multimonitor support.