Ideas about Bootstrap 4 support :)

I started to work on a project with Bootstrap 4 since one month ago and there're many improvements. I noticed some patterns in the while which I think could be need it on Bootstrap Studio in right sidebar:

The new alignment classes for grid: - justify-content-* - align-self-* - align-items-*

Another helper classes for grid: - no-gutters (margin-right: 0; margin-left: 0;) - w-100 (width 100%;) - mx-auto (margin: 0 auto;)

Thank you!

Sigh, this subject has been covered many times and if you search you will see that once BS4 is in a live and stable state ( not alpha) then the devs will update to support it.

@Chris Yes I saw it thanks but my suggestion it's about the UI Tools in Bootstrap Studio which be added when BS4 is released. It's a good stuff know if there wil be improvements on toolbars. Just in case.

Ah right I see, my apologies I misinterpreted the query.

On reflection I agree that have said items in the menu options section would be of value

I agree with Eduardo. There are a lot of helper classes to remember, and though I'm aware that BSS auto-suggests them in the code section, it would be really useful to find them in the sidebar as well.

@greyscale This thread is 1 year old and this functionality already has included in the last versions.

I should have specified. There are lots and lots of helper classes, but only the tiniest percentage of them appear in the sidebar. Margin and padding classes, for example, would be super useful to me.

Actually, checking through the BS4 documentation in helper utilities, I see that I'm being quite unfair. Many more utilities than I thought are indeed included; I think I believed there were more BS utilities than there actually are!

That said, I use the margin and padding utilities all the time, and it'd be great to see them in the sidebar :)

Thank you for the suggestion @greyscale. We decided not to include the sizing utilities in the sidebar, as there are a vast number of permutations of sizes and breakpoints. This makes it a poor choice for visual editing, but these classes are available with autocomplete in the Attributes panel.

I see your point. Thanks, Gabriela.