Iframe question

Is it possible to import the following so that BBS will show it in the program. Presently, it only works as Custom Code which cannot be shown or edited like other code in BSS.


The xxxxxx in the above is not the code from Donorbox. I replaced the actual code with xxxxxx for security reasons.

I hope that there is a solution since it limits what I can do as Custom Code.

Regardless of how you use them, external JavaScripts won’t run in the program’s workspace. You have to use the browser preview feature to see the results.

There won’t be anything that you can edit anyway as the donorbox server will inject the html via the js and iframe.

The only thing you could probably change is maybe the donation meter color and the max/min width. That can be done by editing the custom code.

Thanks for the info.

I have been trying to center the donation meter and the max/min width. So far to no success. Can that be done in BSS? I tried putting the custom code in a column and editing that in BBS but no matter what I do to center it, it does not center perfectly. It is always off to one side a bit. Therefore, if there is no way to do this in BSS, would I have to edit the script I posted instead?

Have you got a link to the site you have so far, if so post it and I will take a look

The page is Donate to Bible Believers Fellowship, Inc.

Its in the centre on my screen, you must have fixed it

It depends on the size of the screen. For instance, on a Samsung Galaxy Tab A 10.1" it is close but not centered.