Iframe vs Video element

Is there a way to get Video element, because it is much more easy to manipulate the video start with JS in this case.
Or do you have a trick with iframe and JS ?

Check the components list, and also switch to the online tab at the top left and you can search for shared ones too.

The default responsive video embed works great.

Also, since I am assuming you are new to BSS, I would highly recommend going through the Docs (top right on menu here). A half hour to an hour of time getting familiar with BSS and how it functions will save you hours of waiting here for answers to question that are probably covered there. :slight_smile:

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Thanks jo-r

I checked online… but if the Video element is only implemented with an iframe inside core BS, how online components can resolve that ?

I think you are misunderstanding what the “online” means. It just means that it’s an online list of components that people have shared. You download them to your installation of BSS and then can use them locally, not online. I meant just check to see if there are any cool video components that people may have shared. I didn’t find any last week, but I don’t know how often that list is updated.

Also be sure to use the search box whenever you search for something as we don’t have a full listing of everything that is available, they just show some of them, but there are a lot more, just search for what you’re looking for and you’ll see what I mean.

Hope that’s more clear, sorry bout that. :slight_smile:


The video component with a HTML video as source don’t put the video in an iframe
here is an example

Thanks Guys ! This is really helpful. So for example how can I have access to this compononent from @kuligaposten ? Becausse I can’t find it online.


It’s BSS video component with a html5 video as source.
You find the video component in the components panel under misc

@francois.bonnard you really should go through the docs and get familiar with the app. The docs will explain a lot about how to find things and use things in the app. Doesn’t take long to go through them and it will save a lot of misunderstandings and basic questions such as this. :slight_smile:

Actually I have watched many official BS youtube tutorial, but it doesn’t cover all the topics.

Ahh, but I’m not talking about videos, can’t really say how many of those are really “official” and most are pretty old.

If you look at the menu for this website you will see Docs there. They are also accessible through the BSS app as well. Those there will get you much further in how things work. Guess I should have said that lol, sorry :stuck_out_tongue: