I'm back with a license!

It's been a number of years since I used BSS -- awesome to see it still growing. I had to renew my license, picked up the lifetime subscription. To hell with Wordpress. I've been building a few new SaaS products, chiefly https://FaverCRM.com -- all the HTML is done by hand. In my day job I am also watching the marketing department completely fail at using Wordpress. They don't even need a database. Why the hell is it being installed? It's fat, slow, runs in to issues, and let's face it -- no one in a company uses it, they just send in IT tickets (BELIEVE ME I KNOW!).

So now as I sit here, getting ready to market, I'm searching for wordpress landing page templates... and I can tell they're all so fat.

Enter BSS. Ohhhh yeah baby, slim, sexy, customizable, raw and static HTML -- just what the search analytics and conversion optimization people want. Ohhhhhh yeahhhhh.

Happy to be home.

Welcome back Andrew, I'm sure you'll find that BSS is a whole lot more robust than it was years ago. Enjoy!