I'm confussed and so is CHATGPT

What am I doung wrong?
Why does the class container-fluid on the mobile view not seem to be ‘working’
isn’t it 100% wax-width by default???
In the layout panel if i set max-width to 100% it response has expected but i thought I could just use container-fluid and it would be max-width 100% by default.
What am I missing ? :slight_smile:
Can someone try container-fluid or container-sm and see
This image is pure AI by the way

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Do not use written classes to define the fluid container, activate it in the options, top right.

Remove any Class names or inline CSS you may have added and try adding the Fluid class through the options panel…


If you plan to use the container without a row, you need to add a utility class p-0. The Bootstraps container class has a padding left and right by default

Why would you use Chat GPT for web-designing and Bootstrap Studio in the first place? Chat-GPT doesn’t have full artificial intelligence on private data unless it is “permitted” and approved with qualifications according to it’s “Code of Conducts” and Privacy Policy along with it’s Terms. Just like how civilians of this planet we live on loves to brag about the money they have and the materials they’ve conquered, yet, refuses to pay a price and wants everything for “free” with an open-hand. Not to mention, If people don’t have “reading skills” in coding, than the Chat-GPT would be no use for the individuals who knows nothing of the implementation on where to input the codes, unless they literally ask the Chat-GPT to do it for them. Then once the Chat GPT does the “full” work, who would be the blame for not knowing how to get the codes to function? You can’t get mad at a chat-bot, because they are intelligently “invincible” with no sympathies on “Life.” If you can’t get or achieve the answers you are looking for from a Chat-GPT AI, than you’ll basically have to, “Figure It Out” or ask intermediate-professionals and be patient. By the way, that’s an ok AI pic you’ve got generated there, the hair is a bit like Cloud from Final Fantasy. :upside_down_face: