iMac High Sierra to Mac Big Sur - Where are the supporting files?

So I did try replying to an older thread to bump it up, but no love there so let’s try a new thread.

I just got a new Mac Mini and am in the process (well almost done actually) transferring everything over to the new one. But …

I cannot find the supporting files I need or where to put them. I am talking about my saved components, my downloaded components, etc. I don’t need the settings, I’ll set it all up fresh, but those things I need desperately because many are tailored to specific clients etc.

Big Sur doesn’t seem to have the 2nd Library file within the user account (or I haven’t installed or used anything yet that has needed it? not sure on that). The only files I can find that look like they “might” be what I need on my old computer with High Sierra OS are some package files residing in the user>Library >Application Support>bstudio location. But even if those “are” the files, I have no idea which ones I need for sure, and where to put them since I don’t have that specific Library location in the new computer.

Help here would be appreciated @Martin @Devs as I really need this information transferred since I’m not keeping the old computer after I’m done transferring. Thanks for any assistance you can provide on this.

I see that you’ve managed to transfer the components in the other discussion. Are you running into other issues with the migration?

Hiya Martin,

So far so good, the only thing I would like a way to transfer is my downloaded components which I don’t see any way within the app. Not sure where they would be on the drive either. If there’s a way please share it and if not, then that would be the only hitch so far. If there’s no way to get them I can use the old install to see what’s there and find it again in the Online Components in the new one so it’s not like they are totally lost unless something isn’t available anymore … and why would I want it then right? lol.

Otherwise it’s transferred quite nicely, thanks much to Kuli for that help. Everything will be fresh and I would imagine I’ll need to reenter export locations and such, but that’s not a big deal either.