Image handling

At the moment we have to drag images into the Design panel and then move them into folders within the panel. It would be better to be able to simply drag and drop into the relevant folder.

Similarly, when selecting images to insert into a design, it would be helpful if, within the selection panel which opens, the relevant folder could be selected and that folder retained until it is changed to another.

With image rich pages the current arrangements are quite time wasting.

+1 First let me say that I agree we should be able to drag things around from folder to folder, into folders from outside (only because we can already drag them into the app), etc.

But ... there is a way to do this if you just take a little bit of time, not much more than dragging and dropping and the most time consuming is navigating to the local location of the files. I don't know how it is on Windows anymore, but with Mac it does have a tree on the file location dialog window where you can choose from most recently used locations. Once you get one down it's not too hard if you put them in locations close to the last one.

You CAN create folders in your Images section and then right click on the folder and choose Import Image. That will allow you to import multiple images from a single directory so .... technically you can import multiple images directly to a folder, just that you cannot drag them into the folder.

Hope that helps a little bit :)

Thanks. I had found the import image option but dragging and dropping is so much faster.

Selecting images to insert them into a design is, however, the bigger problem. In my current project I have two copies of each image, one in a 'thumbnails' folder and one in a 'full size' folder. Within the selection pane all of the images in the project, including those outside of those two folders, are displayed without any indication, other than their relative position within the pane, of where they may be located. Ideally, we should be able to restrict the view to a chosen folder and/or the folder name included with the image's name.

I'm not sure I follow what you're saying there. If you import to a specific folder they don't all go to the root images folder, they go directly to the folder you are importing from. in other words if you create a folder called "thumbnails" and one called "full-size" and you right click over the "thumbnails" folder and choose import image, then in the navigation window go to your thumbnails directory and choose all the images in there, it will import them directly to the "thumbnails" directory in BSS. There is no confusion that way at all, images go exactly where you want them that way.

Yes, ideally we should be able to drag a folder from our computer into BSS and have it drop where we want it, be it the Images directory or a sub directory. I agree fully, but you do have full control over your image importing by doing what I say above and you won't have any issues with same named files (I have that a lot with WowSlider folders having the same name for thumbnails and full size images in different directories).

Thanks, but importing into folders in my Bootstrap project is not the problem I am describing.

The problem is in selecting them from the pane which opens when you click on 'Source URL' in 'Image Options' to select an image to be displayed on a page. This 'Choose an Image' pane displays all of the images which have been imported into the project without any indication as to which of the project's image folders they are in. Thus, in my current project, there are two apparently identical copies of every image present in the 'Choose an Image' pane with no way to differentiate between them.

Ahhhh yes, you are correct there really is no discerning markings or anything to say what image is what. That is one reason posted in the ideas forum to add image size and file size info in that window as well. maybe you should go post in my thread as well and add that in there too as that's a very good idea!