Image / header / in center of columns


I have just one problem everytime, when i want put some image/paragraph/ in center of columns (example col-md 4 ) i get everytime this element on left site....

in this video (10:54) the heading is a default with drag and drop on center but my is a on left... ok i can change this in text-align on center but in the image dont this work...


Your missing the fact that the parent element <div id="why" class="container site-section"> has the following CSS

.site-section {
    text-align: center;
    padding: 50px 0 60px;

That is applying the text-align: center to all children elements that means the H2 and Paragraph all have the text centered.

If you stop the video at 10:54 and make it full screen you can literally see that code.