Image Hotspots

Does anyone have a component for Image Hotspots? If not a component, a simple way to place hotspots on images in BSS

I think you're referring to an Image Map? Where certain spots of an image can be linked to other sections of your site and/or to external websites.

If so this isn't going to be a component because it requires you to use a tool out side of the BSS app. Photoshop, Adobe Fireworks and PaintShop Pro I think all support this natively. If you have Paint.NET you can download a plugin for it to make Image Maps with.

For Paint.NET (because it's free) here is some info on creating an Image Map

Once you created that and set your code in the BSS app (the map section I think you'll need to add as a custom code component) then I think you'll want to use this jQuery plugin that you can add as an external link in the BSS app so that when your site gets resized it adjusts the coordinates as well, along with the image being responsively resized. here is the CDN version to use

This site talks about creating Image Maps so you'll get an idea of what it takes and what you're doing.

I haven't created an Image Map in years so I couldn't really walk you through doing that and last time I did I used PaintShop Pro and now I use Paint.NET and I don't have the plugin.

I hope this helps you out in some way I'm always open to new ideas and other options :)


P.S. This is the site with the actual Paint.NET plugin it seems

So I decided to try it out... it's not very intuitive to use. I'd suggest then something different to use I think there are actually online Image Map creators. I just tried this and I think after a couple seconds I figured out how to work it so I'd say give this one a try.

You either upload any image from your PC/Mac or an online image. I used an online image to give it a try.


Saj, you're a life saver !!