Image Library Editor + Overwrite Image

Hey guys, here's a great idea!

I've now got hundreds of images in my library. I usually duplicate my BSD design and start a new project. So I've got left over images.

  • Would be great to be able to delete the images.

  • Also, when I drag-drop a new image, can we get a prompt to overwrite the existing image?

I agree with you totally, but there's a way around this if you don't care about where your images are. What I do is create a folder inside the images section of the app and I name it images also, and use that folder as my main images folder. I actually organize my images in folders so I can keep track of what images were used for what so there are a good handful (dozen or so) folders inside an images/images folder right now. Makes for a little longer file path, but works great for deleting things I don't need for new projects so I don't have to sit for ever deleting images one by one. This way you can select the images folder you created and delete them all in one shot. Not the most optimal way, but definitely more efficient than one by one!

So I'd like to add to this post and suggest that we get a way to delete multiple items at once, similar to most all other app setups where we can check a box for selecting all or none for images, js, css, etc. within the Design area.

I would also like to take that a step further so that we can have a checkbox next to each item when we're looking to manipulate them. This would go for moving, deleting, duplicating, etc. This would allow us to move multiple files/folders at the same time as well as deleting or duplicating them. I personally think this would fit both mine and Andrew's need and would save a lot of time for deleting and moving things.

Super +1 on the overwriting images when adding them. I am sure the intentions were good and were supposed to be helpful, but to be honest when I add an image with the same name, it should overwrite it or should ask me if I want to overwrite or keep both. Right now it renames the 2nd and subsequent ones and I have to constantly go back and delete the old one and rename the one I just uploaded.

We overall need a better way to view our images / image library. As it is now, it's just bleh... a plain but workable-piece of-bleh. So I'm suggesting, let us get the option of "my library", where we can click and it'll open a window for us to actually sort things out right there. Sort things out, as in; create folders, duplicate and delete, rename, reorder maybe crop? better yet edit and all other fancy stuff

To be honest I hope they don't bother with any of the extra's you're asking for that are more of a photo editor than a website editor. You can already do most of what you are asking for other than editing the photos. I would rather see new features that make what we have work better.

Structurally you are right. It needs more features to allow us to do mass changes like moves, deletes and the ability to control locations better. But, this in no way needs to alter the setup of how it's placed and used at the moment. As it is right now you can already create folders, duplicate, delete, rename, just that all is limited to one item at a time. It does need the ability to overwrite images when you are trying to replace them.

Reordering would be nice if we could have the ability to order by date, name, image size (in kb/mb/etc.). I would also like it to show us the actual image size in kb/mb/etc. along with the dimensions that it shows already.

In truth it is actually pretty good, just lacks a handful of features. You can view your images, see the size dimensions, move them to any folder you created, etc. Needs more mass activity features and a few little ones to really make it great. I don't need an image editor built in, I have that already and it's not going to make me use it in the app when I have a photoshop already which can do so much more than what you could add to the app, it would be wasted time when we could have more features instead that make more sense to building the websites themselves, which is what this app is all about is it not? After all, Bootstrap is about website components and layout, it's not about image editing.

Coded DOES make a good feature request. I'd be happy with it if they chose to do all that.

That being said, I've got Photoshop.

Still, good features for the future of this application, but I'd be happy with just simple features as we've discussed.

Well yes, I'd be happy if it did too, but.... I'd still rather see the features for web editing done before anything like that was added. Just my opinion of course :P

Let's just say I've worked with my share of app developers that hand out half assed pieces of software that never quite get finished in one area before they expand into others and eventually are stretched so far out of the box of what the app was for that the real features of the app that should be getting attention are not. I don't see this app doing this at all right now, and I'd hate to see it start happening. That's truly my only reason for saying what I said above, so they stay on track with the actual website coding part of the app before branching into other areas that don't really "need" to be in it. Hopefully that makes more sense.

Quite frankly, in the end, I'd love it if it did it all too, just want it to do the pertinent stuff first :)

Thank you for opening this thread! To address your points:

  1. I like the suggestion for the dialog, asking whether to overwrite images when importing them. It will help when designers need to update graphics and generally is the better way to handle. Maybe we can add a checkbox for remembering the preference to not get annoying.

  2. Building image editing functionality is out of the scope for Bootstrap Studio, but we may offer to resize large photos if you attempt to import them, as I've seen a lot of people building carousels with 5mb pictures, which is not web friendly.

  3. Managing lots of files is indeed a pain. We can solve this by supporting Ctrl/Cmd + Click and Shift + Click for selecting multiple files. When this is done you will be able to mass move them into a folder or deleting them. We can add this support to the overview panel as well, so for example you can move multiple elements to a different parent. Do you think this would help with the problems you are facing?


Thanks! That will be wonderful!

Can I ask if you would extend the move and delete capability to the Components area as well? I also organize those, both my own and those I download from others.

Hey guys. Any news on when will this feature be coming on the software? Just bought BTS studio and Im loving it! However managing a big image/page library becomes tedious after just a few files. Thanks!

You can create your own folders in the image section and you can now replace image by overwriting - custom folders was a few months again and image overwrite was fairly recent (tail end of 2016)