Import 161 images + save = crash

I can import 160 images into my brand new empty project. It takes a few seconds to save though.

If import one more image, then try to save the program crashes.

The window of the program goes all black. The menus are still there and drop down. All menu items are unresponsive.

I'm running on 64 bit ubuntu.

Is there a way just to import images via URL instead perhaps ?

Regarding the URL of an image, yes you can change the images SRC URL to that of one that is an image already on an existing website.


Had the same problem. Created a gallery with 200+ images but Bootstrap Studio crashed everytime I saved my project. I resolved it by reducing the size/quality of the images.

I also contacted the developers to let them know about the issue. @Martin responded:

In general storing large galleries in Bootstrap Studio can slow down the app. We will work on this in the next releases. A not-so-difficult workaround is to keep large images outside the app, and only reference them by URL.