Import Bootstrap Table

Hello everybody.

How can I import Bootstrap Table into BSS?

Bootstrap Table


Ok. Your link describes how to put bootstrap table in a standard bootstrap project. Is there no BSS instruction?

I imported the js link and the css link of your instruction to my BSS project. What else to do? I do not see bootstrap tables as a component yet... or where should it appear?.

@justacreative not everything is a "component". BSS is not a point and click solution. Documentation, samples, and howto are on the site you mentioned.

You can also link thousands of libraries from to easily implement new functionalities to your sites, but those won't appear as a component inside BSS. Just read the examples and use those. That's basic website building (HTML, CSS, js, jquery, bootstrap).

there are no specific BSS instructions. Link the CDN hosted js and CSS files, initialize the library and use it. It's quite easy, and you'll find some tutorial in the forums too.

The bootstrap component is "table" not "tables".

I read the BSS documentation "Importing JS files" and "importing css files" and the instructions on the bootstrap table site. But I couldn't find how to get sth. like bootstrap table started.

You said "Link the CDN hosted js and CSS files, initialize the library and use it." I linked it succesfully. But how to initialize the library? How to use it?

There are multiple ways to use it after linking...

Just put a data-toggle"table" attribute on the table component to start with the first example. Last example shows how to use javascript...