Import existing website and edit custom code

I am very new to the Bootstrap program and am still poking around in it. But the main reason we got it was it boasted being able to import existing websites.

We recently downloaded our site that was hosted on Weebly and have it sitting on a new server. However, to edit this website we need a new editor. And rather than re-create the site from the ground up (it's been running for 8+ years) we would like to just keep moving with the current site. However, this is for a weekly podcast so the site is updated on the regular so we want a simple way to update text, links, and images. As well as add to our ever growing archive of past shows (previously hosted through a blog type set-up in Weebly).

I have been able to import the webpages via the html and I also imported the theme via the main_style.css

However there are images that are missing that we need to get placed back in their spots and we need to be able to edit the text - hopefully without having to edit the html code each time.

Is there a way to do this? I love being able to drag and drop the components and it seems really easy to build a new webpage - but what about the existing site?

Thank you in advance for any information that can be provided!

You can import it, but the claim on BSS's site is a bit misleading as they don't go into detail explaining "how" you have to edit it when it's imported. You can import it, but you cannot do drag and drop from there so you'd basically be having to edit it as you would edit any other site in any other text editor and it wouldn't be as easy as using a text editor would be either. There would be a few benefits mind you, and you could use these as a discovery tool and still edit outside of BSS (discovering classes tied to components etc.), but you can use Web Developer Tools for that as well and much more quickly.

The main thing is no, you cannot use BSS fully with an imported HTML page. In order to use the program to it's best abilities and features, you will need to recreate it from the ground up. It's unable to import it and not make the entire HTML page a Custom Code.

That was what I was thinking I just wanted to make sure. I appreciate the insight!!! Thank you!

You're quite welcome, wish it was better news, but I'm really not sure if they will ever make the app able to import with full usability.

I will say though that the app is worth taking the time to redo the site if it's not a humongous one. Even a dozen or more pages isn't all that hard to do once you have the main page worked out for the structure. Just a thought in case you wanted to give it a shot.

Well it obviously wasn't what I had hoped for, but it happens! I am certainly going to give it a try. It's hard because there is a blog linked to it and we have embed players on our pages (haven't figured out how to embed anything yet - but I am not going to give up!)

Thanks again! Always appreciate tips and hints :-)

If the blog is something like Wordpress you can put a link on your menu to it, and Wordpress does have the ability to embed it in pages, but to be honest, I find linking to it in the menu much easier to deal with.

Embedding otherwise is pretty simple in Bootstrap 4, you can find a lot of info on that at which shows you how it works, and it is all set up in BSS to work as needed as well so it's pretty simple to do. Not simple for things like Wordpress, but really simple for things like videos and audios and such.

If you have YouTube videos embedded, you can easily do a custom code block for that as Youtube gives you the code you need for them.

It's all pretty nicely setup for things like this though. Good luck whichever way you end up going. :)