Import folder

Import complete folder whit files: img, html, js , scripts & outher and also import complete themes

thx Remo


As others have suggested, being able to import a project/kit as a template into Bootstrap Studio would be a great benefit. I know there are some limitations here, but if the source uses and follows Bootstrap conventions then maybe it would work. Not sure if this would help or not, but some kits that are free that can maybe be used to test the import capabilities are from Creative-Tim and Htmlstream

@saldana: the thread here isn't about importing full projects and templates, it's about importing folders full of files to save us time. What you're suggesting is for creating new sites from templates and that is an entirely different topic. You should find the thread(s) there are quite a few, that cover that and definitely add your voice to those as well.


I’d also like to be able to import folders especially more than 1 at a time. In the case of images where I’ve optimised them in categories ie lg, md, sm, mobile, etc. Select them all and simply drag them into studio :+1:

You can already in part do what you’re asking for @floydmanfloyd. You can easily create a directory in any of the areas you need be it HTML, CSS, JS, Images. Then go to the directory that has all the contents in it you want to import and select them all and drag them to the appropriate directory in BSS. Granted it’s not quite the same as being able to select 4 folders in your computer and drag them in, but it’s still quite helpful this way. Works pretty slick if I might say so myself :slight_smile:

Hi jo-r. My thoughts about it are if you have say 5 named folders of images somewhere on your pc, then in studio you have to create 5 folders then do 5 imports. It would be quicker to be able to drag and drop the 5 folders into the bootstrap studio images folder :sunglasses:

Yep I agree whole heartedly @floydmanfloyd, but didn’t know if you realized you could drag images in rather than using the import system. Isn’t a true fix, but it tides us over till hopefully we’ll see a full drag and drop system implemented.

We’ve had many of our suggestions for folder and file handling added over the past couple years so I’m sure they will get to this eventually.